Our ongoing work and research


Survey on English learning :

Within this study, we analyze the English learning possibilities. Compare the contribution of formal and informal learning methods, get to know the media used by the learners, the technological tools they use and the ways in which they are used …

Whether it deals with learning English, practicing it or using it in communication purposes. Thus, we will see if the students practice (in a broad sense) English outside a formal context and to what extent mobile technologies are involved.

Our first results will be available shortly 


Experimentation of the platform My4n-News :

This service makes available international news in the original language as teaching resources for teachers and can be accessed by their students on their mobile phones or PCs. The news materials are updated in real time, come from professional news agencies and are available as articles or videos.

– Teacher: The teacher is offered a web administration platform that allows him to choose the latest news (up to 20 articles and videos each day), to edit quizzes and to dialogue with his/her students through the integrated message system and inform them on the news to check for the next meeting. Then, he can follow their activity.

– Learner: On the learner side, a linguistic tool kit accompanies the reader, immersed into an English news mobile site, to support his comprehension: integrated dictionary, quizzes, subtitles, personal revision space… This way, he can better prepare the authentic document designated by the teacher in order, for instance, to take part in an oral debate in the next class.

What are the uses for teachers/trainers? What are the uses for students/learners?

If you are interested in trying the My4n-News platform, contact us…


Our publications and interventions:

As far as dissemination is concerned, 3 papers have been written so far:
– DILTEC University language 21th century / Apprendre les langues à l’université au XXI ième siècle (June 9th, 10th and 11th 2011, Paris)
– Veronica Scurtu, Vi Dai Ho, Marius Preda, Catherine Dang, « Audiovisual Descriptors for a Linguistic Educational Engine, » Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering, International Conference on, pp. 107-112, 2011 Fifth FTRA International Conference on Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering, 2011  »
– Ludovia 2011 (Ax-les-Thermes, August 29th  – September 1st 2011)

– A poster has been presented for Eurocall (Nottingham, August 31st –September 3rd 2011)

Salons, workshops …

The consortium has taken part particularly in the following salons and workshops:
– Eurocall Bordeaux September 2010
– On line Educa Berlin November 2010
– TICE Nancy November 2010
– Expolangues 2010, 2011
– iLearning forum 2010, February 2011
– e-learning expo March 2011
– Uplegess, May 2011